28 December 2007

So, now, I'm also posting over at Crochet Chicks now, so hopefully I'll be better. Below is the famed sweater for the roommate complete with a bit of a crazy explanation of what I'm doing.

On your right, is the portion of a cardigan I'm making for my roommate's holiday gift. She wanted something unique and interesting. What I'm doing is a cluster stitch. After a foundation row of sc, ch 2, pull a loop through the first sc, yo, pull a loop through the second, yo. Pull last yo through all four loops on hook. Ch1. That gives you the cluster pattern I am using. The fashioning of the sweater is going to be rather unique and hopefully my pattern will make sense to anyone else who reads it. I'm making the sweater in the style of a robe. The piece to the right is the bottom all the way to just below the bust (right now). It will be solid all the way to the sleeve line. I'll leave space to insert the sleeve directly into the solid pattern. I will mold the front section directly off of the solid portion (man I wish I was better at this) and attach it to the neckline. THEN - I plan to crochet a wide lapel collar that will continue down to hold the button and button holes. The sleeves and body of the sweater are in the cluster pattern. The lapel will probably be in sc to allow for a tighter weave and contrast.

SO - that's the brilliant introduction of Renee to the Crochet Chicks.

x-posted to Crochet Chicks.

20 December 2007

Those Sweaters with the letter on it...

Aside from holiday gifties, the only thing I've been working on are sweaters in the style of Mrs. Weasley. In fact, I've become so good at them, I will be selling them on commission. Your very own personalized sweater! Right now, I'm just going to get back to the second to last gifty a chocolate brown sweater for my mom. I have 14 hours to finish it. That's actual time, not free time.

A picture of my friend, Beth in her Lord Voldemort-styled sweater. She often cosplays Lord Voldemort at various Harry Potter events and we all thought it was terrifically funny for her to have a sweater that is Avada Kedavra green for her LV costume.

12 August 2007


So, it's been forever since I updated. I've been working on a few projects, nothing dramatic. However, I just finished the first of them. It's a flannelghan that I will be giving a friend for Holidays.

It's done with Bernat Supervalue in Lilac and Straw.

03 May 2007

Wedding Afghan Completed!

With a picture soon to follow, the afghan is complete. I finished the last of the border and wove and trimmed the ends in. I did not write their names on the blanket, because once it was finished, it looked very busy and adding the calligraphy would be ugly. So, I did a small border (about 1") around that looks very nice.

I felt kinda empty not having the afghan to work on, since I've been working on it for months. However, I have a gargoyle to finish and a cute shirt to finish as well, so I'm fine, really!!!

17 April 2007

The much talked about...

I finally have pictures of the mentioned below Hope Squares.

It's a bit hard to see, but the circles in the middle are entwined and very much remind me of wedding rings.

11 April 2007

A Wedding Gift...

I'm hoping to get pictures of the first few squares up soonish. However, I wanted to let all my *cough* Faithful *cough* readers know about my almost half finished project.

I wasn't sure I was going to get the afghan done before the wedding, but it looks like it now. I am making good progress and not bored with it yet.

I am using Jennifer's pattern for a 7" square she calls Hope. The pattern was designed for Honduran Flood Survivors. However, when I saw it in my desperate search for a pattern that was suitable for both Bride and Groom. I instantly thought that it resembled wedding rings. So, I thought it was a brilliant design.

I'm using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in three colors. I'm using Cloud (for the Wedding White). Their wedding colors are Navy Blue and Berry, so from WotA I'm using Hyacinth and Cranberry. Interestingly enough, the Groom is a 1LT in the USAF, so really it's cute that they're colors are essentially Red, White, and Blue. However, I have it from the Horse's Mouth that the Groom chose his color (Navy) without any talk to the Bride when she chose her color (Berry) and they had a good laugh when it all came together.

The wedding is on Wright-Patterson AFB in May and I'm very much looking forward to it. It'll be beautiful and these two people are very dear to my heart. I actually helped pick out the promise ring Groom gave to Bride nearly 2 years ago.

10 April 2007

Christmas Bells are Ringing...

Okay, not really, but it is snowing here in the lovely Miami Valley. Not that the snow is making me think in this diretion, it's more of planning ahead because I don't know what kind of time crunch Fall Quarter is going to give to me.


Here's the plan for this year's Crocheted Holiday Presents...

  1. The Roommate: A duster from Cool Crochet in Elann's Super Tweed, colorway #3257 - Summer Tweed.
  2. Friend A in Denver: A USC lapghan in Lion Brand Lion Wool colorways Scarlett, Goldenrod, Pearl Grey, and Ebony. She'll probably get this early because I want her to be able to enjoy it during football season.
  3. Friend H also in Denver: Something penguiny. I was thinking a big giant stuffed penguin, but I might do her a lapghan as well. I have to think this one through.
  4. Friend S in Baltimore: A laptop case. I know it sounds cheesey, but she's a computer goddess and I think a lovely felted case would be brilliant.
  5. Mum: a sweater from Cool Crochet (Nancy), but I haven't chosen a color yet.
That's the list for now. I believe that the first two are going to take me long enough.

05 April 2007

Latest Project

The wine dress fell flat on its proverbial butt. It'll be finished one day just so I can say that it's finished, but it's on the pile with a few other projects that I would rather not look at.

Instead, I've been working on Swaps for Crochetville. Neither is ready to be photographed, so when they are finished and received, I will post them on here.

In the mean time, I have been working on scrapghans. I wanted to get rid of at least one box (2x2x3) of yarn in my room. So, I made scrapghans, since most of it was truly scraps.

The picture is pretty much crap because I had to take it with my camera phone. I would wait until I got home, but I'm giving it to a girl I work with as a donation for an intergenerational event she is working on.

It's a standard lapghan. I don't have measurements, but it fits well over my lap sitting in a chair and able to tuck it under my feet on the floor!! It also wraps around my thighs nicely, so I had a warm lap all night!

09 March 2007

Finally some projects!!!

I finally remembered to bring my camera somewhere (a.k.a. work) where I would remember to download the few pictures on it to put up here.

This is a speedy, lacy wrap. I did not use a pattern, just crocheted it. I used 3 skeins of JoAnn's Sensations Whisper in Red. This is done in a single crochet with a speed hook. It took me just under 2 hours to make.

This is obviously a scarf. I made this some months ago, before I started to keep track of what yarns I was using for projects. Obviously, nothing horrible special or hard, just a scarf in double crochet. It was part of Manda's Christmas present.

Okay, no Manda is not the only person I crochet for!!!

Another scarf/belt for Kirstee. This is her Christmas present and she hasn't received it yet because I suck pretty much.

Yet, another scarf. They make great Christmas presents! Not to mention, I was just learning how to crochet, so there you have it. This is a close up on the one I made for my mother. Another in double crochet with a yarn that I don't remember!! I made this one extra wide, because my mom likes to be able to have her scarves cover a lot of the back of her head.

27 February 2007

Latest Work in Progress

So, I am hardcore working on my latest project, a ripple afghan. I'm not really using a pattern. Just chained a bit longer then I wanted the ghan to be wide and did the basic ripple pattern.

I'm using a single strand of worsted weight yarn. The ghan is for friends who are moving to Vandenberg AFB at the end of this week, so I didn't want it to be too heavy so they can actually use it before they move again! I'm usig Caron Country Basket Ombre (30oz ~ total) and Caron Cape Cod Blue (16oz total). I'm stripping it unevenly. 15 sc rows for the ombre and 10 sc rows for the blue.

I'll post a picture as soon as I get one taken. I'm hoping to have this done before they leave, but we shall see!!!

15 February 2007

Introduction Post...

Hello and welcome to my crochet blog. Hopefully this will get more play time then other blog endeavors. Of course, this does require a little bit of effort, such as remembering to take pictures of my completed projects, posting my completed projects and keeping track of works in progress.

Like I said, welcome and hopefully there will be a yarn picture up really soon!