09 March 2007

Finally some projects!!!

I finally remembered to bring my camera somewhere (a.k.a. work) where I would remember to download the few pictures on it to put up here.

This is a speedy, lacy wrap. I did not use a pattern, just crocheted it. I used 3 skeins of JoAnn's Sensations Whisper in Red. This is done in a single crochet with a speed hook. It took me just under 2 hours to make.

This is obviously a scarf. I made this some months ago, before I started to keep track of what yarns I was using for projects. Obviously, nothing horrible special or hard, just a scarf in double crochet. It was part of Manda's Christmas present.

Okay, no Manda is not the only person I crochet for!!!

Another scarf/belt for Kirstee. This is her Christmas present and she hasn't received it yet because I suck pretty much.

Yet, another scarf. They make great Christmas presents! Not to mention, I was just learning how to crochet, so there you have it. This is a close up on the one I made for my mother. Another in double crochet with a yarn that I don't remember!! I made this one extra wide, because my mom likes to be able to have her scarves cover a lot of the back of her head.