27 February 2007

Latest Work in Progress

So, I am hardcore working on my latest project, a ripple afghan. I'm not really using a pattern. Just chained a bit longer then I wanted the ghan to be wide and did the basic ripple pattern.

I'm using a single strand of worsted weight yarn. The ghan is for friends who are moving to Vandenberg AFB at the end of this week, so I didn't want it to be too heavy so they can actually use it before they move again! I'm usig Caron Country Basket Ombre (30oz ~ total) and Caron Cape Cod Blue (16oz total). I'm stripping it unevenly. 15 sc rows for the ombre and 10 sc rows for the blue.

I'll post a picture as soon as I get one taken. I'm hoping to have this done before they leave, but we shall see!!!

15 February 2007

Introduction Post...

Hello and welcome to my crochet blog. Hopefully this will get more play time then other blog endeavors. Of course, this does require a little bit of effort, such as remembering to take pictures of my completed projects, posting my completed projects and keeping track of works in progress.

Like I said, welcome and hopefully there will be a yarn picture up really soon!