12 August 2007


So, it's been forever since I updated. I've been working on a few projects, nothing dramatic. However, I just finished the first of them. It's a flannelghan that I will be giving a friend for Holidays.

It's done with Bernat Supervalue in Lilac and Straw.


Quinn said...

That's awesome! Where did you get the pattern?

I'm hoping to post my next completed project in the next week or so. Man, I hate the finishing details.

Emily said...

I love your afgan...I have the pattern and can't wait to make it...just have to finish the other projects that I have started. If you don't mind...I have a question...how many skeins of yarn did you end up using...I am having a hard time figuring that one out..email me at esiepiela@aol.com...I am also on Crochetville!!!