10 April 2007

Christmas Bells are Ringing...

Okay, not really, but it is snowing here in the lovely Miami Valley. Not that the snow is making me think in this diretion, it's more of planning ahead because I don't know what kind of time crunch Fall Quarter is going to give to me.


Here's the plan for this year's Crocheted Holiday Presents...

  1. The Roommate: A duster from Cool Crochet in Elann's Super Tweed, colorway #3257 - Summer Tweed.
  2. Friend A in Denver: A USC lapghan in Lion Brand Lion Wool colorways Scarlett, Goldenrod, Pearl Grey, and Ebony. She'll probably get this early because I want her to be able to enjoy it during football season.
  3. Friend H also in Denver: Something penguiny. I was thinking a big giant stuffed penguin, but I might do her a lapghan as well. I have to think this one through.
  4. Friend S in Baltimore: A laptop case. I know it sounds cheesey, but she's a computer goddess and I think a lovely felted case would be brilliant.
  5. Mum: a sweater from Cool Crochet (Nancy), but I haven't chosen a color yet.
That's the list for now. I believe that the first two are going to take me long enough.

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